Machine will takeover Humans ?

The Beginning

Todays hot topics in industry is Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Everyone is having question  Machine will takeover Humans?

To understand this problem we should first when can this happen, if machine are more powerful than humans. Here power is not money. Here it But is it control access. you machine can control everything then it is possible.

To became power machine atleast need  those qualities that human have

What are the qualities human have ?

1.  Storing Ability  in biological Neurons.

2. Smarter brain.

3. Imagination ability.

Which of this qualities machine or AI can have?

If you think they you can find it has some like  thing

1.  Storing ability.

2. Accuracy

How this will affect ?

Lets see one by one now.

  • Storing Ability:

It is hard truth its true machine have better storing ability than human. It can store large number of data. It do not forget any data. But only storing data is sufficient ? Here we have to see difference between Data, Information and Knowledge.

Example:  Consider a table

Name DOB
Swapnil  20-05-1995
Ketan 24-02-2005

This Table represent the Data. While Swapnil DOB is 20-05-1995 is the information and his age is 22 is the knowledge he can derive from it.

It is very easy for us to understand the difference. But we can understand how difficult it is for machine to understand itself. Still AI and Machine done pretty good in this field and machine and do better than most of the humans here sue to excellent memory, unforgivable nature and extraordinary learning algorithms.

  • Smarter Brain & Accuracy: Here we have accept humans have smarter brain. Machine brains are the algorithm which are designed by human beings himself.But. Yeah here is a but. Human have a bad quality and machine don’t.So here is direct fight between human smart brain versus machine accuracy.

  • Imagination Ability:

So, another question time, can machine imagine ?.  How humans running this world is due to their out of box thinking. If there is not imagination, the whole world be like a simulation. Thats why its so important to image. Machine can not imagine for now , but they can in future this is debatable. It is not easy, because what machine and AI do is dig up the previous data and finds and pattern to answer any new question it come across.

The Conclusion

As I mention is start the powerful person always rule the world. Power change is definition from time to time. But all points to one common type of power. In this very debatable question the on who possess this type of power will rule rule the world and that is Knowledge

Let me know your opinion in comment section.

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