Digital Ocean vs Amazon AWS

Digital Ocean vs Amazon AWS

We will compare this two option for web application. I have both the services.

  1. Price :    Starting  with amazon, it offers 1 year free subscription. They just charge a domain to be linked. While Digital Ocean offer very cheap hosting. $5/month which are very sufficient to run a basic website with ease you can easily upgrade to other plan as per your need. Amazon offer variable hosting let you customize you what over you want and charge accordingly. Payment is little tricker in Digital as you need Credit Card. It does not accept most of the debit cards. Amazon accept Debit cards and very easy to configure and you have pay bill monthly. You can opt for Auto Billing in both.         
  2. Deployment : Both hosting provides have very simple deployment step. Digital Ocean provide better UI interface for that. Though you have to use terminal to access server in both cases. For amazon you need to configure networks groups in no need for that in digital ocean.
  3. Location : Amazon have servers in every country and a case of Digital Ocean. But Digital Ocean now started their servers in banglore now.
  4. Monitoring :  Both provide  monitoring support and that is excellent.One plus factor for digital ocean that if any problem in server you can you console provided in web by digital ocean. 
  5. Support :  Both provide very good support Amazon provides call center support.

I would like to write more about hosting and stuff please share what you want to know about.

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