CLRS(Algorithms) and Web Developer

Recently I come across the following picture on Social Network, and I thought about it because I spend so much time in web development.






Let first start with

Why to Learn Web Developement

  1. Can make you millionaire.
  2. As as computer engineering you must know this. Why  to left any stone unturned.
  3. Web is huge and it is future. It is major source of information today.
  4. The importance of it in real life can be taken from example where many people may have asked Can you build a website for me.
  5. Hacking everyone get fascinates
  6. Lets see some where this knowledge can be useful
    1. Browser : For understanding browser, web knowledge is important.
      1. Parallel
      2. Networking
      3. Rendering
      4. Caching
      5. Security
      6. and what not
    2. Servers
      1. Systems
      2. High Performance
      3. Request Handling
      4. Databases

I am not saying you should do not learn CLRS, it is must every computer engineering must know know that, but my opinion is that you should know web development as well as how it works. It is very useful to implement your ideas easy and fastly.

You don’t need to agree with me, always ready to hear your thoughts.

Started a New Thing

Was a plan from long time to have a personal blog about my experience and a platform to share some things a know.

Finally the day had came.

Hope you all will like it.

Suggestions are always welcome.